Standards: IS 7320 and BS 1881-102

Slump test is really important to find out the characteristics of freshly mixed concrete and needs to be performed without fail. Our apparatus conforms to the international standards and industry best practices and allows engineers and technicians to assess the concrete properties relating to cohesion and mixing consistency ‘on site’ in least of time. Every batch of concrete can be checked easily without any lags thus saving the project time lines.

Slump Test Apparatus Product specifications –
Here are the objective specifications of our slump test apparatus –

  • The apparatus can be used for concrete mixes with maximum aggregate size of 38 mm.
  • There is a slump cone made of steel. Its lower base diameter is 200 mm while at the top, it has diameter of 100 mm. Height is 300 mm.
  • Foot pieces can be fixed to the clamps provided at the base plate. A lifting handle is also attached with the base plate for easy handling
  • A 600 mm long and 16 mm wide graduated steel rod is provided as part of the apparatus.
  • Slump test apparatus of SE-test India is developed as per standards IS 7320 and BS 1881 – 102.

Our apparatus is of very simple make yet it has been developed through the use of best quality materials including high tensile steel that is rust proof. Thus the apparatus delivers without any deformity or lack of accuracy for years.