Standards: ASTM D2172, AASHTO T-58, T-164

Centrifuge Extractor (Hand Operated) is basically used in checking and determining the quantitative Bitumen percentage in the bituminous mixtures. In Bituminous mix, a solvent is added and by centrifugal action bitumen is removed. In detail, the bowl is mounted on the vertical shaft that protrudes from the cast housing. The bowl, mounted on a shaft, is rotated manually very fast by the enclosed gears in the cast body with the attached handle. Then, the solvent is added slowly through the housing cap holes. An external drain is provided which collect the dissolved Bitumen that is coming out of the moving/rotating bowl and collected in the housing.


  • Comes with Cylindrical Aluminum rotor bowl with a capacity to carry 1500 gms sample mix, which is easily removable.
  • A cap for the bowl, which prevents leakage too.
  • A nut to for tightening the cap and bowl