Standards: ASTM D2172 AASHTO T-58, T-164

The motorized centrifuge extractor has been made with the best quality SS and provided with high quality electrical insulation that make it safe and durable for long term use. The motorized centrifuge is powered by an electric motor tuned for 220V ~ 240V (50 Hz) single phase electric supply. The high performance motor allows swift testing of the samples in labs and on site while variable speed adjuster offers 2400 to 3600 RPM range as per suitability.


  • Portable design with capacity of up to 1500 grams
  • Integrated dimmer for speed control
  • Leak proof structure ensured through high quality gaskets
  • Filter paper, bowl and cover included
  • Sturdy design that makes the apparatus explosion proof
  • Fast braking system for shorter processing time of the samples