Standards: ASTM D36, AASHTO T 53, BS 2000

Ring and Ball Apparatus Electrical is used to determine the softening point of the bituminous material. Softening point is that temperature at which the sample or specimen taken for test becomes the soft enough that allows the steel ball of certain or specific dimension to fall at a required distance under defined test condition.


  • Supplied with heater and energy control regulator for electrical heating.
  • Comes with electric motor driven Stirrer.
  • Supplied with a bath of heat resistance for each unit.
  • Voltage: 230 V A.C. of 50 Hz with a single phase supply.
Glass and the following
A Tapered Rings 2 Nos.
B Ball Centering Guide 2 Nos.
C Steel Ball, of 9.5mm dia. 2 Nos.
D Ring Holder 1 No.
E Electric Heater (Hot Plate) 1 No.
Essential Accessories:
F Thermometer IP 60° C, Range : – 2° C to 80° C
G Range 30° C to 200°C