Standards: ASTM D88, D244, AASHTO T72

The Saybolt Viscometer controls the fluid’s heat and viscosity between the temperature range 70°F and 210°F. It can also be used to determine the Saybolt for Viscosity of the bituminous materials at different temperatures ranging from 25°F to 45°F.


  • Comes with Cylindrical Oil Cup.
  • Furol and Universal Tip (Set of 2)
  • A Bath Fitted that is fitted with immersion Heater mounted on a stand.
  • To Control temperature a Dimmer stat.
  • A Stirrer with a shield.
  • An insulated handle and thermometer support for the receiving flask, filter funnel, withdrawal tube, cup and circular spirit level.
  • A Brass Oil Tube.
  • A Filter Funnel.
  • A Heating Coil. Voltage: 250 V 50 Hz A.C. with a single phase.

Thermometer Details:• ASTM Thermometer Type 18 F Range : 66°F to 80°F, 19 F Range: 94°F to 80°F, 19 F Range: 120°F to 148°, 20F Range: 134°F to 148°F, 21 F Range : 174°F to 188°F, 22 F Range : 204°F to 218°F, 77F Range: 245°F to 265°F, 77F Range: 295°F to 315°F, Type 78 F Range: 345°F to 365°F, Type 80F Range : 395°F to 415°F, 81F Range: 445°F to 465°F