Standards: IS 11262-1985, ASTM C 186

Specification: This equipment is required to determine the heat of hydration of cement as expressed in calories per gram. The equipment comprises of the following:
A wide mounted double walled vacuum flask with a stop cock 38 mm and a insulating container for the flask
A Beckman thermometer (Range 5° C) held tightly by the cock stopper in such a way as to avoid accidental contact with the stirrer blade and the reading lens. To facilitate the easy removal the cock stopper is in two halves.
A constant speed stirrer (double bladed propeller type)extended to within 38 mm from the bottom of the flask.
A funnel (Gooch type) with a stem of 6 mm inner dia and a body approx 25 mm long and 25 mm dia. is fitted to the cock stopper for introducing the sample.