Product Description : Marsh funnel is a simple yet important apparatus to measure the viscosity of the slurry and other types of cement mixes. Viscosity is a determinant of the flow speed and thickness of the slurry and therefore also its strength characteristics. The dimensional make of marsh funnel and measuring cup is precisely maintained as per the demands of mud engineers who use it to measure the viscosity of fluidized mixes of different types.

Specifications :

  • A metallic funnel which is 12 inches in length and 6 inches wide at the top
  • It is mounted on a vertical stand
  • The cone tapers down and connects at the lower end with a drain tube that is made with high grade polymer plastic
  • The tube is 2 inches long and has 3/16 inches diameter
  • The total capacity of the closed cone is 1500 cc

Counted among the top mud balance and measuring cup suppliers in India, we maintain strict quality control protocols at our production facility. While ensuring the use of best materials for production, we also engage in comprehensive testing of the apparatus to maintain the quality and performance attributes.