Standards: IS 1199, 5515. and BS 1881-103

The apparatus allows determining the workability of different types of concrete mixes by assessing the compaction ratio. Having a simple set up, the compaction factor apparatus performs stably and is guaranteed for high durability. It can be used ‘on site’ and the workability of the concrete mix could be easily determined in less of time.

Compaction Factor Apparatus Product specifications :

  • The apparatus is made as a rigid metallic frame that has two conical hoppers and one cylinder at its base
  • The conical hoppers have hinged trapdoors with quick release catchers at the lower end
  • The cylinder top is covered with a circular metal plate
  • A plaster trowel and a metal rod rounded at both ends (600 mm in length and 16 mm in diameter) is also provided

Our compaction factor apparatus has been developed with the best quality materials like stainless steel and delivered appropriate finishing and dimensional accuracy to ensure precise results for the engineers and technicians. The compaction factor apparatus conforms to the standards IS 1199 and 5515 and BS 1881 – 103.