Standards: EN 12350-5

Product Description : The dimension of the apparatus is 700 X 850 X 300 mm and the weight is 40 kg. Between the two tables, the measurement of the upper table is 700 X 700 mm. The top diameter of the stainless steel cone is 130 +/- 2; the height and base diameter are both 200 +/- 2 and its thickness is 1.5 mm. Set 1106 is for a concrete flow test, Set 1106 A is for cone flow and Set 1106 B is made of wooden tamper 40 X 40 X 335.

SET-1106 Concrete flow table test set
SET-1106-A Flow cone for
SET-1106-B Wooden tamper 40 x 40 x 335 mm


  • The apparatus is made of a double steel table
  • The flow index is shown in the arithmetic count.
  • The upper table is hinged on the lower one.
  • The top table is corrosion protected.