Standards: IS: 516 1959, BS 1881-120, ASTM C31, C 617

Specification: The set comprises of a cylinder capper, a cylinder carrier and a ladle. The cylinder capper consists of a base on which two accurately machined plates are mounted vertically. One plate is firmly fixed and the other one is adjustable horizontally. Two plates are provided with holders for holding the cylinder in position. The holder are split and the bottom half of each holder is fixed firmly and the top half of each is removable and bolted down to the lower half. On the upper parts of the vertical plates ‘V’ s are provided for pouring the capping compound. Two spacers are also provided. Complete with cylinder carrier and ladle for molten compound.

Model A For 150 mm dia. x 300 mm length cylinders
Model B For 100 mm dia. x 200 mm length cylinders