The moulds are delivered high quality finish at its inner surface to ensure that best specimens are derived without any imperfection. Our cylindrical mould is developed with high grade steel and cast iron material that offer strength and durability, especially the rust and corrosion resistance. The dimensional make of the moulds is such that deformation is negligible even after continued and regular use of them.

Product Specifications –
Find the objective specifications of metal cylindrical moulds, here below –

  • The mould is made as split type with two equal segments that can be combined accurately
  • Base plate and top plate are offered together with cylinder. Fasteners are also provided
  • Base plate and top plate are machined flat to +/- 0.03 mm
  • Mean diameter (internal) of the moulds is within the accuracy range of +/- 0.2 mm
  • Height of the metal cylindrical mould is within accuracy range of +/- 1 mm


CM-150 Mould cylinder, cast iron, 150mm dia. x 150mm height.
CM-300 Mould cylinder, cast iron, 150mm dia. x 300mm height.
CM-320 Mould cylinder, cast iron, 160mm dia. x 320mm height.
CM-200 Mould cylinder, cast iron, 100mm dia. x 200mm height.
CM-600 Mould cylinder, cast iron, 300mm dia. x 600mm height.