Flexure testing machine, it is being specially designed to test the flexure strength of the most important factor in the process that is the concrete beams.

Specifications: The automatic flexure testing machine is curated with a special design that enables maximum rigidity and stability through out the working range and functionality and operation of the machine. The machine is designed with a special load which further enables downward movement of the piston when applied and when in motion. The machine is designed with the best of international and latest tools and innovations happening in the technology arena, to provide the best of world class experience in functions and operations.

High Performance Oriented Machine: The flexure machine has a dedicated spacer which is for testing different size of beams. The load is indicated on a calibrated bourdon tube type load gauge of range: 0 – 100 kN x 0.5 kN (0- 10,000 kgf x 50 kgf). Also, the load gauge is calibrated against National Council for Cement and Building Materials Certified Proving Ring.