Se-Test India Pvt. Ltd is an eminent instrument supplier, manufacturer and exporter for the building construction purposes. This renowned organization has provided their products in various constructional sites for school, hospital, residence, industries, quarters under government and private organizations.

International standard motorized laboratory concrete mixer : Se-Test India Pvt. Ltd manufactures international standard laboratory concrete mixer and the global customers appreciate the design. Thus, we have become successful to make their clients in all over the world.

Product Description : The vessel of our motorized concrete mixer is fitted with the ½ HP motor with the power capacity of 220V 50Hz AC supply with single phase. Its steel vessel has the capacity to consist 55/110 liters. The vessel pulleys rotate at the speed of 20-22 RPM. This machine consists of the following facilities-


  • The steel vessel is fixed with a frame for the convenience of its movement along with a pulley.
  • The vessel is connected with a motor to rotate with the power supply.
  • There are blades inside the vessel to mix the ingredients of the concretes accordingly.
  • The blades are quite appropriately sharp for serving the purpose.
  • There is a large manual wheel along with a pulley to manage the work in case of power failure.