It is useful for making concrete cube moulds for testing different parameters relating to stability and strength. Our  laboratory concrete pan mixer has been developed as a simple machine that delivers highly uniform mixes for making cubes of different dimensions.

Laboratory Concrete Pan Mixer Machine Product specifications –
Here are the objective specifications of our concrete pan mixer machine –

  • The machine is designed as a metallic body with mixing function that is performed by the paddles present inside the drum
  • The machine is suitable for mixing small quantities for lab purposes; it offers both wet and dry mixing of concrete and other materials.
  • It can be used to mix materials with maximum aggregate size of 20 mm.
  • The machine has wheels attached at its base that allow it to be moved easily ‘on site’
  • Ease of accessing the mixture and also emptying after the task is done.

Our laboratory concrete pan mixer machine has been developed with industrial grade SS and fitted with highly durable and rust proof functional components that make it much durable and effective.