Specification: Used to melt Capping compound this pot comprises a metal container in a well lagged steel jacket. A thermostatic control and stand by heat switch are fitted. Supplied complete with lift off cover.

Warmer : An electrically heated and thermostatically controlled bath for melting the capping compound. Supplied with cover and handle. Suitable for operation on 230 Volts A.C. Single Phase.

Capping Compound: Used for capping the ends of concrete cylinders to be tested. Available in packs of 5 kg.

Bowl and Ladle: Metallic bowl is used to carry the capping compound and ladle is used to pout molten capping compound in to the groves between specimen and capping plate. Supplied as a set.


Dimensions (Diameter x Depth) :140 x 150 mm (Internal), 250 x 165mm (External)
Capacity : 2.4 litres
Rated Power : 750 W
Temperature : 40 to 340° C