These are self propelled, light in weight and compact machines having high forces, low amplitude and high frequency, based on the principle of reciprocal pressure generation by frequency un directional impulse vibrator which causes the ramming and forward movement, Sana Earth Rammer can compact thicker layers of non-cohensive and semi-cohensive soils and maximum density (95% to 98%) are achieved in less number of passes. Application non-cohesive soil, subgrades maneuvers close to abutments retaining walls, pilling , ideal for key trenches, cannel embankments, back till jobs, factory floor, foundations, bridge approaches etc.

Technical Details:

Model Weight Impact Force Compaction Capacity Vibrating Frequency Prime Motor Power Rating Plate Size Working Capacity Depth Effect
SET-601 90 kg 950 kg 1 to 2 Ton 3500 RPM Electric 3 HP 14×24 inch 3000 sqr/H 4 inch
SET-602 210 kg 3500 kg 4 to 6 Ton 2500 RPM Electric 5 HP 20×32 inch 3000 sqr/H 7 inch
SET-603 300 kg 4500 kg 8 to 10 Ton 3000 RPM Electric 7.5 HP 20×38 inch 5500 sqr/H 10 inch