• Rated Voltage: ~220 V / 50Hz
  • Power Input: 2800W
  • No-Load Speed: 840rpm
  • Max. bit diameter: Ø50mm/100mm/150mm
  • Shaft Male: 1 1/4″UNC


  • Compact size with light weight as well as safety in operation
  • The drills are equipped with a friction clutch as well as over load current protection for protecting motor
  • High-strength gear to keep the drill working long hours constantly
  • Excellent speed, smooth and stability during drilling
  • Out setting water swivel seal facilitate making replacement when the seal worn out
  • Bits capacity: 25mm Dia – 150mm Dia

Complete Combination:
The core drill includes drill motor, base, column, carriage, control panel, friction clutch, motor mount plate, rack, gear-box, out setting water swivel seal, hydraulic system. Optional parts include water pump, rod for ceiling jack, water container, adapters.

Complete Combination:
The Core Drill is the industry standard, designed for concrete, reinforced concrete, Asphalt and brick in construction