Standards:This is one of the best soil testing laboratory apparatus which allows the modern dynamic changes measure accurately and observe correctly in the laboratory. Soil are tested in various ways and this rigid manufactured Aluminium apparatus is completely gives a new way of measuring and analysis in the laboratory. It is has many features like seat balls self aligning, three adjustable counter ratio, it has the rod holder which accepts to qualify the ultimate laboratory apparatus.

Specification:It is manufactured with tight Aluminium alloy metal which provides a standard degree of accuracy at any type of frame distorted during the under load. The load bridge group is support in high accuracy self aligning seat balls. The beam perfectly provides the three loading ratio and the beam assembly is fitted with the adjustable counter balance weight. It is supplied completely with rod holding the weights and the coupling blocks holding the dial. The pedometer accepts the cell up to 100cm2. Consolidation cell weights, dial gauge or transducer, holding beach which have to be ordered separately. Weighting 25 kg approx. It has the maximum weight of 170 slotted. Corresponding to 1870 kg of using the beam ratio 11:1.The beam provides three loading ratio: 9:1 10:1 11:1 and the beam assembly is fitted with an adjustable counterbalance weight.

Maximum Load:150 kg of slotted weights. Se-test consolidation odeometer accepts cells up to 100 cm. sq and complete with rod holding the weights and coupling block holding the dial gauge or transducer. Se-test India supplied ‘without’: Consolidation cell, Weights, Dial Gauge (or transducer), holding bench which have to be ordered separately.