Standards: IS 2720 (PART XXIX) 1966 and BS 1377-9

Product Description: It has a significant area around it so that the energy transfer due to the impact of the rammer is proper. The apparatus is manufactured as per IS 2720 (PART XXIX) 1966 and BS 1377-9. The sample is extracted with the help of a cutter which is in a cylindrical shape, the dolly, and the rammer. This sample is used to identify the dry density of the compacted or dry fine grain soil which is free from aggregates. The dry and moisture density is calculated from the density and weight of the soil.

Dolly Core Cutter Specifications :
Dolly Core Cutter consists of a cylinder and a long standing rod.

  • The cutter is made out of stainless steel and hence there is less chance of rusting.
  • The standing rod is 127.3 mm long with an internal diameter of 100 mm.
  • Dolly is made out of steel and is 25 mm in height.
  • The dolly has a lip which helps in placing it over the core cutter.
  • Rammer comes with a detachable steel rod.

It consists one each of: cylindrical core cutter mode of steel, 127.3mm. Long and 100 mm internal diameter. Dolly, 25mm high with a lip to enable it to be located on top of the core cutter, rammer with detachable steel rod. Spare, Optional Extra and Accessories:

Accessories :

  • 50 Test Form Pads
  • Cylindrical core cutter 100 mm i.d. x 175mm long
  • Dolly