Standards: IS 9669, IS : 2720 (PART XVI)

The CBR test is extensively used in the selection of the materials and sub-grade controls. It can be performed in the lab on prepared samples or in-situ on the location.


The Laboratory California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus from the SE-Test Laboratories consists of the following:

  • 50kn (5000 kg) Capacity of Load Frame with 3 Speeds.
  • 150mm ID x 175mm high mould.
  • A Perforated Base Plate for 150mm ID x 50mm high Extension Collar.
  • A 50 mm face dia Penetration Piston
  • For Penetration Dial Gauge an adjustable Bracket is available.
  • A Circular Metal Spacer Disc with the detachable handle of 148 mm dia x 47.7 mm high time.
  • An annular Metal Weight of 2.5 kg with 147mm dia with a central hole of 53 mm dia.
  • A perforated Metal Weight of 2.5 kg. with 147mm dia with 53mm dia soft
  • A Perforated Plate of 148mm dia with adjustable stem and lock nut.
  • A Metal Tripod for Dial Gauge.
  • A Cutting Collar.
  • A Rammer of 2.6kg with 310mm controlled drop.
  • A Rammer of 4.9kg with 450mm controlled drop.
  • A Proving Ring with 50 KN capacities.
  • A Dial Gauge of 25 mm travel with 0.01mm least count Optional


  • An Annular Metal Weight of 5 kg with 147mm dia and the central hole of 53 mm dia.
  • A Slotted Metal Weight of 5 kg with 147mm dia with 53mm dia slot.

Note: Digital CBR Testing Machine is also available.