Plastic Limit Set is manufactured as per the IS 2720 (PART-VII) ASTM D-42, BS 1377 AASHTO T 90 Standards. The plastic limit test is performed on the soil in order to identify the plastic limit of that soil. The plastic limit is defined as the amount of water content in the soil below which the soil can no longer have its plasticity. When you further process the soil beyond its plastic limit, it can crumble and become like rolled-out threads which have an approximate diameter of 3 mm. The plastic limit set is one of the primary as well as effective instruments that are used for soil testing purposes.

Plastic Limit Set Specification:
The Plastic Limit Set consists of the following:

  • One glass plate measuring 20 cm by 15 cm and having round ends.
  • One brass or stainless steel rod that has a diameter of 3 mm and is 150 mm in length.
  • A flexible spatula that is 15 cm in length.
  • Half a dozen moisture containers.
  • orcelain basin 150mm dia
  • A porcelain bowl that has an internal diameter of 150 mm.
  • A simple plastic wash bottle that can hold up to a capacity of 500 ml.
  • This test set can be housed within a plastic carrying case.

The Plastic Limit Glass Plate size 500 x 500 x 10mm can be supplied at an extra cost.