Capacity: 25kgf to 100kgf (1KN) 200kgf (2KN) 250kgf (2.5KN) 1000kgf (10KN) 2000kgf (20KN) 2500kgf (25KN) 3000kgf (30KN) 5000kgf (50KN) 100KN (10Tons) 200KN (20Tons) 500KN (50Tons) 1000KN (100Tons) 2000KN (200Tons), 3000KN (300 Tons)

Specification: The Proving Rings are made of special steel, carefully forged to provide high and stable accuracy, dependability and repeatability. The dial gauge and anvil are mounted on U-brackets clamped to the ring body by set screws.