Standards: BS 1377:2

Product Description: Semi Automatic Cone Penetrometer is soil testing lab equipment that is used to identify the moisture content in which the clay soil transfers into a liquid state from the normal solid state. Two versions of this type of penetrometer are available.

The semi automatic cone penetrometer has a timer in which the cone is allowed to have a free fall for a time of 5 seconds. The apparatus follows the BS 1377 standards. The semi automatic cone penetrometer works with a power supply and is equipped with a magnetic controller device like the digital version. The programmable timer can automatically release the plunger making it simple to complete the 5 minute test.

Semi Automatic Cone Penetrometer Specifications:
The Semi Automatic Cone Penetrometer consists of:

  • Two cones – one weighing 50 grams and another 100 grams.
  • One penetration cone
  • Preset counter measurement cup.
  • It is fitted with a 150 mm dial diameter which is ready to directly read.
  • The long test cone comes at a 30 degrees angle.
  • The apparatus is manufactured with stainless steel and included a leveling feet that is adjustable.
  • A bright and easy to read red display will show the value.

Semi Automatic Cone Penetrometer are available in two version. One the standard one and the other is semi-automatic with timer where the cone is allowed to free fall for a period of 5 seconds including one each of 50 gm. and 100 gm. Weight.