Standards: 1236 A

Specification: Specification: The cell is useful for testing 38mm dia x 76mm high soil specimen. Transparent Perspex chamber with anvil and loading plunger, the cell is easily opened by releasing four nuts of the tie rods. It is leak proof up to 10kg/cm.sq. Fluid pressure. An oil plug which can also be used as an air vent is provided for introducing a thin layer of oil over water. This provides effective sealing at the plunger for long duration tests. The cell is fitted with four sleeve packed valves of no volume change type on the base. These valves are used for cell pressure, pore water pressure, drainage or back pressure. The loading plunger of the cell has dial gauge rest.

  • Loading pad made of Perspex for 38mm dia specimens.
  • Pair of plain discs made of Perspex 38mm dia 6mm thick.
  • Pair of porous stones 38mm dia specimen.
  • Split sand former for 38mm dia specimen.
  • Sheath stretcher for 38mm dia specimen.
  • One dozen rubber sheaths for 38mm dia samples.
  • For synthetic rubber ‘o’ rings for 38mm dia specimen.
  • One plastic drainage tube.