Standards: IS 2720 (PART X) ASTM T 208

It is used to determine the unconfined compression strength of the available soil specimens with the diameter ranging from over 38 mm to 100 mm. A load on a sample is applied gradually by motorized load frame and then the load is measured on a sensitive proving ring which is attached to the respective load frame. With motorized drive, we have a choice of applying three constant rates of stains. This tester meets the testing needs in a much efficient manner. This is not only simple but reliable and economical too. It comprises a screw operated load frame, cap.5000kg with a gear box and motor drive giving 1.25, 1.5, 2.5mm/min and rates of strain, a pair of cone seating, adaptor for proving ring, and stain dial gauge bracket. Its Supplied with one pair of male/female coning tools for 38mm dia samples but without ring and dial gauge.


The Unconfined Compression Tester (Motorized) consists of the following:

  • A screw operated load frame with the capacity of 5000k along with the gearbox and a motor drive which gives three different rates of strains ranging 1.25/min, 1.5/min, and 2.5/min.
  • A pair of cone seating.
  • An adapter for proving ring.
  • A stain dial gauge bracket.
  • For 38mm dia samples also given a pair of male/female conning tools but without dial gauge and ring.
  • Easily operated with 230V.
  • A.C. Supply is single phase.